O U R       M I S S I O N

S.C Agroturism Gurghiul SRL is a company whose main business activity consists in tourism and constructions. Our company owns "Jabenita Salt Baths" resort.

Currently, our company deals with two main activities: agrotourism services and constructions.

Jabenita village is situated at 6 km away from Reghin town, at the base of Gurghiu Mountains, between the little town Gurghiu and Solovastru village along the Gurghiu River valley. The village is situated in a salt layers rich depression.

From the ancient times, the local inhabitants used to mine the salt deposits. During the roman administration a few salt mines had been built and exploited. After the roman retreat, as a consequence of a mine's crumbling, a salt-water lake formed with a surface of approximately 1000 square meters and 60 meters deep.

The salt water had been used during many generations in order to cure rheumatic diseases. During the Austro- Hungarian Empire, a high-profile health resort had been built over an almost 1-hectare area near the lake for the wealthy people. One half of the lake had a two-level wooden bottom, used by elder people and children. The other half was used for swimming.

Due to the healing properties of the mud, many Austrian and Hungarian health resorts had often requested it.

"Jabenita Salt Baths" is a resort reestablished in 1997, over an approximately 4-hectares area, with peaceful surroundings, a fascinating landscape, highly appreciated by former visitors of Jabenita village.

You can find here a pleasant environment, music, meal and drinks attendance either at table, or having a picnic aspect. In addition, you can benefit from both a covered and an uncovered terrace, cable or via digital-satellite television, a lot of sun and shade as well.

Primary natural healing factors:

Baths with salt-iodine mineral water have a complex effect due to the combined action of the three factors: thermal, mechanic and chemical.

Salt is obtained by heating mineral water until it evaporates, or from the abrupt banks existing nearby. It is used in compresses, cataplasms, especially on the abdomen. 25 grams of salt are diluted in one quart of water. For partial baths, the chemical concentration is of 1 kilo of salt per quart of water and for general baths is of 1-2 kilos of salt.

Daily Fees:
- 25000 lei adult
- 15000 lei children

Secondary natural healing factors

The environment, through its picturesque landscape with hills covered by secular oak forests (Mociar Forest), represents a good place for taking a walk, relaxing or fishing for the tourists in search of rest or cure. The highly ozoned air purified by the rich vegetation of the depression and the nearby forest and, nevertheless, the beautiful colors, the shade and coolness of the summer make the micro-spa an important leisure place.

Currently, Jabenita Salt Baths are known in Jabenita and Reghin for the benefic action of its salt water and mud, which are useful for curing rheumatism and joint diseases. The therapeutical properties of the water and mud had been certified by laboratory tests.

Due to the historical side of these baths and, on the other hand, to the quality of the lake's water and mud, Mr. ION MIHAI CORNELIU, engineer, decided to take the land and the lake for granted in order to capitalize its touristic and economical potential. Moreover, the micro-spa is situated in a touristical area, at 30 km away from Lapusna, where the tourists can visit king Mihai's castle, and, in addition, they can go hunting. This area has already been visited and highly appreciated by many foreigner tourists.